July 8, 2019

Nikki Foster Announces Congressional Campaign in Ohio’s 1st District

Air Force combat pilot Nikki Foster will challenge career politician Steve Chabot

Mason, Ohio – Today, among hundreds of friends, supporters, and local leaders, Nikki Foster announced her campaign against Congressman Steve Chabot in Ohio’s 1st District.

Download more pictures of the event here.

In her announcement speech, Nikki Foster said:

“I’m here because I believe, as do many of you, that we can do better than the politics of this moment. Too many people are focused on the things that divide us rather than on our shared mission as a nation. If you believe that we need people in Washington who will put service to our country ahead of powerful special interests; if you believe that more veterans should be involved in making decisions about national defense and veterans affairs; if you believe in affordable access to healthcare for everyone, then join me and fight with me, because I will fight for you.”

Today, Foster released a video recounting her military service as an Air Force combat pilot, her family’s pursuit to achieve the American Dream, and her son’s life-threatening health condition at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Watch the video here.

Congressman Steve Chabot has spent almost a quarter century in Washington. He recently voted to slash health care, jeopardize people with pre-existing conditions, and risk funding for almost half of the children at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.