Nikki’s Principles


As an Air Force combat pilot, Nikki put service to our country ahead of her own safety and security. As the representative for Ohio’s 1st District, Nikki will always put her country over partisan politics. We’re missing that type of servant leadership in Washington, and that’s why Washington has failed to solve our biggest problems. Nikki has a proven record of solving tough problems in challenging circumstances. Now she’s running for Congress to take on the politicians and insiders in Washington who serve the special interests instead of serving our country and the people who elect them. Nikki’s campaign won’t accept a dime in corporate money because she’s running to represent the people of Southwest Ohio, not corporate special interests. With a commitment to service and country, Nikki will bring the fresh leadership necessary to fix our broken political system. 


Nikki wants every family to have access to quality, affordable health care. When she was pregnant with her son Henry, she found out that Henry had a hole in his heart. Henry spent his first five days in cardiac ICU at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Thankfully, Henry’s doing better and better each day, but that was Nikki’s call to action. Nikki will always protect people like her son who live with pre-existing conditions. And she’ll fight to lower the cost of prescription drugs so that no family has to choose between getting the health care they need and bankruptcy.


With a historic low number of veterans serving in Congress, Nikki wants to use her firsthand experience of the challenges returning veterans face to improve their lives. Through GE’s Veteran’s Network, she has helped recruit, hire, and train veterans for a career in business. As a volunteer career transition counselor with the nonprofit Hire Heroes USA, she helps returning veterans find work. After all our servicemen and women sacrifice to protect our country, Congress must do more to ensure that our returning veterans are able to find good-paying jobs that take advantage of their unique skill sets. 


Nikki grew up in a working class family, and she believes that hard work should be rewarded with success. Right now, too many families are struggling to make ends meet because the deck is stacked against them. Congress needs to do more to help hardworking families get ahead and make sure Ohio jobs are staying right here in Ohio. Nikki wants to invest in job training and ensure that those jobs provide living wages. Her husband Rob is an airline pilot and ALPA union member, so they understand the benefits labor unions provide families. In Congress, she’ll always protect Social Security and Medicare because these are programs seniors have worked for, paid into, and earned.

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