Nikki Foster Announces Campaign Chair and Early Endorsements


Mason, Ohio – Today, Nikki Foster, Democratic candidate for Ohio’s 1st Congressional District, announced her Campaign Chair and a slew of endorsements. Former Ohio State Representative and 2018 gubernatorial candidate Connie Pillich will serve as Foster’s Campaign Chair. Only a week since launching her campaign, Foster received endorsements from several community leaders:

Connie Pillich — Former Ohio State Representative, 28th District; 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate

Organized Progressives Standing United

Sheridan Lijoi — Former President, Democratic Women’s Club of Southwest Ohio

Kathy Wyenandt — Member, Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) Board of Trustees

Brian Hester — Chair, Butler County Democratic Party 

Dora Bronston — President, Middletown NAACP; Former Vice Mayor, City of Middletown

Kristin Malhotra — Member, Deerfield Township Board of Trustees

Endorsing Foster, Connie Pillich said,

“As a Major in the U.S. Air Force, Nikki put her country ahead of her own needs and security, and that’s exactly what she’ll do in Congress. In the twenty years Steve Chabot has been in Congress, health care costs have skyrocketed and families are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. Nikki’s family has experienced these struggles firsthand, and her life-long commitment to servant leadership is exactly why Nikki will win this seat and deliver real results for the people of Southwest Ohio.”

“This is a people-powered campaign focused on solving the tough challenges our community is facing by putting people ahead of Washington special interests,” said Foster. “I’m grateful to these community leaders for putting their trust in me as I fight to bring fresh leadership to Congress.”

Last week, Foster released a video recounting her Air Force service, her family’s immigrant story, and her son’s life-threatening health condition. Foster’s announcement immediately threw National Republicans into “a state of panic about Congressman Steve Chabot’s re-election bid.”

Washington Republicans call little-known Greater Cincinnati Democrat a ‘socialist loser.’ Why that might be a losing message

Cincinnati Enquirer
By Jason Williams

Republicans just called a female Air Force combat veteran a “socialist loser.”

Yeesh, not a good look for the Trump Party. Democrat Nikki Foster is neither a socialist nor a loser, from what little we know about the Mason moderate after she launched her campaign in Ohio’s 1st Congressional District on Monday.

I don’t know too many socialists who are as pro-military as Foster, who recruits veterans for GE Aviation – a job she landed after she flew missions over Iraq and Afghanistan while on active duty. But that’s beside the point.

The issue is GOP desperation. Are the Republicans already in such a state of panic about Congressman Steve Chabot’s re-election bid that the party would stoop this low some 16 months away from the 2020 election?

They are.

Foster, 37, is a first-time congressional candidate but she has some things working in her favor that scare the Republicans.

Military experience typically plays well with voters, a reason Foster’s campaign promoted her time in the Air Force in the launch video. She has never held an elected office, and therefore has no voting record for Republicans to use against her. The 2020 climate is expected to be favorable for women candidates, who hope to appeal to suburban educated moms amid the Trump resistance.

So the Republicans have to throw something against the wall. It’s easy these days to call every Democrat a “socialist,” though few of them actually are. The far-left is loud and their out-of-touch policy ideas drown out normal Democrats, but voters are smart enough to know the “socialist” moniker isn’t one-size-fits-all.

In the case of Foster, the Republicans might have overreached with the socialist thing. It was the National Republican Congressional Committee that released the “socialist loser” statement. In doing so, the congressional Republicans’ fundraising arm brought attention to a candidate no one knew about.

Read the full story on the Cincinnati Enquirer’s website.

Nikki Foster Announces Congressional Campaign in Ohio’s 1st District


Mason, Ohio – Today, among hundreds of friends, supporters, and local leaders, Nikki Foster announced her campaign against Congressman Steve Chabot in Ohio’s 1st District.

Download more pictures of the event here.

In her announcement speech, Nikki Foster said:

“I’m here because I believe, as do many of you, that we can do better than the politics of this moment. Too many people are focused on the things that divide us rather than on our shared mission as a nation. If you believe that we need people in Washington who will put service to our country ahead of powerful special interests; if you believe that more veterans should be involved in making decisions about national defense and veterans affairs; if you believe in affordable access to healthcare for everyone, then join me and fight with me, because I will fight for you.”

Today, Foster released a video recounting her military service as an Air Force combat pilot, her family’s pursuit to achieve the American Dream, and her son’s life-threatening health condition at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Watch the video here.

Congressman Steve Chabot has spent almost a quarter century in Washington. He recently voted to slash health care, jeopardize people with pre-existing conditions, and risk funding for almost half of the children at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Air Force Combat Pilot Nikki Foster Launches Campaign for Ohio’s 1st Congressional District


Mason, Ohio – Today, Nikki Foster announced her run for Congress in Ohio’s 1st District. An Air Force combat pilot, Foster is running because this community deserves a representative who puts our country over politics as usual.

Watch Nikki’s announcement video

“I thought the fight of my life would be over the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan, but it was with my newborn in the Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital,” said Nikki Foster.

“Henry is healthy now, but I met so many families who were trying to get the care their children needed without going bankrupt. That’s why I’m running for Congress. For far too long, Washington politicians have served the special interests instead of our country and the people they represent.”

Congressman Steve Chabot has served in Congress for almost a quarter century, during which he has catered to special interests and corporate donors and has failed to serve the people he represents. Chabot voted to cut health care, jeopardizing coverage for almost half the kids treated at Children’s Hospital and people with pre-existing conditions, like Nikki’s son.

Nikki has a proven record of solving tough problems in challenging circumstances, and she’ll take on the career politicians and Washington insiders to fight for Southwest Ohio families.

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